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Travel Workouts!

What's good everyone? I hope you all are having a killer weekend.

It is that time of year when a lot of us take a vacation to get away from the grind and visit some awesome places. We usually take a 1-2 week vacation in July, but we aren't sure what the destination is yet for this summer. The big thing people worry about is not hitting the gym while on vacation.

Below, I am sharing some decent workouts for you when you are on vacation. But sometimes, it's just good to recharge and do nothing! Get some sleep, spend time with your loved ones, and relax. However, if you feel compelled to do something, read on!

Travel makes keeping consistent fairly tough. You feel fatigued, tired, jet lagged and really don't want to do anything. You have been training hard, nutrition is on point and then BAM! A business trip just wrecks your routine.

Once you do get the motivation to go to the gym, there is only a big exercise ball, a few treadmills and a few machines you may not know how to use. I was lucky when I stayed at the Marriott at Houston airport, it had a decent gym with actual dumbbells, treadmills, a few Peloton bikes, and a multi use cable machine.

If you are like me, you dearly love the barbell. I feel there is no greater stimulus than picking up something challenging and moving it around. But on the road or hotels, usually that isn't an option. So you end up catching up on emails or the latest weird made-for-Netflix-only series on mutant squirrell serial killers with washed out 80s actors.

So how can I get some good training in? Well here you go!

If you are lucky and there is a gym close by, that would be the best option. But most of the time, they are quite a ways away; it may not be worth an Uber, plus getting into someone's car you don't know, smelling like Hogan's goat and sweating all over, they may charge you double plus make you clean their car out.

Go for a walk or run. I always bring my running shoes, heart rate monitor, extra ear buds and some apparatus to carry my phone so I can go for a run. As always, make sure the area is safe. Some hotels are so far downtown, that running may not be the safest. Plus if you are in city you don't know, you could get lost. So keep that in mind.

E03 5k. Most of you won't know what this is. It is a workout from the Garage Gym Athlete community that I belong to. This is one of their workouts that are simple but not easy. It is guaranteed to get you sweating and leaving you tired.

The workout is:

6 rounds of:

Run 800m, then do 3 rounds of 5 push ups, 10 sit ups and 15 air squats. Then go out and run again. You do this for a total of 6 times. So that will give you three miles.

Then you rest for 3 minutes

Sprint 100m, rest for 1 minute. Sprint 100m and then you are done. This is done for time. It is one of my go to workouts on the road, all you need is a pair of shoes.

Murph. Murph is one of those legendary workouts in the Crossfit community. Most people do it on Memorial Day in memory of Lt. Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan. The movie Lone Survivor is about his team. In the Garage Gym Athlete community, there is a group of people, me included, who have done this workout weekly, some for a whole year. It is a fantastic workout. It is definitely the one if I had to choose only one workout for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Run 1 mile

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 air squats

Run 1 mile

This is also for time. Now that sounds like a ton of work, and it is. But most mere mortals, will break this up. If you have never tackled this before, maybe start out with half of the work. Most people will break it up into rounds. 20 rounds of 5/10/15 or my favorite is 25 rounds of 4/8/12. The mile run is a mile run; so this is done without breaking it up. It works everything and doesn't get easier. Yeah, you get better at it, but it's never easy. Traditionally it is done with a 20lb weight vest, which is a whole different level. So give it a go!

100 Burpees for time. Say what?? Yeah it is as sucky as it sounds. You can do this in your hotel room. This is such a metabolically demanding exercise, that it will destroy you and you don't need any equipment. Let's just say I usually find something else to do.

Push Up/Sit Up/Air Squat. Another simple not easy workout. You can pick your rep and set scheme. Do something like 5/10/15 or 8/15/20. You can do it for time. You can do it as an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), just start a 20 minute timer and complete as many rounds as you can. This too can be done in your hotel room with no equipment.

So there you go. You can travel and continue to train. So next time you go on the road, give one or all of these a try. They are also great to break up a drive. Each time you stop at a rest stop, do a few rounds of push ups and air squats. Yeah you may get some looks, but who cares.

Get out there and dominate your day!

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