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Time Blocking to Better Fitness

How many times have you set out to try to accomplish tasks during the week and end up not being able to get them all done? "If I only had more time!" is the common response most people say to themselves. I just have too many things going on.

We all have been there. I know for me, my week is usually crazy busy between work, family, training, side hustles, and oh yeah.....sleep!

Did you know that approximately 41% of your TO DO items never get done? You are proud of yourself to make up the list and then you aren't able to complete and "check off" each task (whether you make a note on your phone vs. old school pen and paper.)

There is this concept called Time Blocking that everyone can benefit from. Is there a standard format for everyone to follow? Of course not because we are all unique individuals and our lives are different. There is a common theme though that can be adapted to each and every one of us.

Start by listing out all of the tasks that you need to complete. Once you have this, then make categories or "theme buckets" to place your items that need to be completed and the amount of time that you think you can get these done; and then double your time estimate. Yes, you read that correctly, double your time. We as humans, especially me, are not the best at time estimation for task completion.

Next, sort your tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly then place them in your theme buckets. I would use a day of the week that you can commit time to write these out, for instance, Sunday afternoon.

The theme buckets can be two main categories to get you started:

  1. Proactive tasks - These are your main priority tasks that HAVE to get done. So do these first!

  2. Reactive tasks - these are things that should be done but aren't as big as a priority such as checking email, etc.

The last category is the one of ME time. Pick a time frame of at least 2-4 hours in the week and make this non-negotiable. This is time for to spend on YOU! This can be your training, down time to read a book or spend time walking or doing meditation. Visualize what your perfect day would be; what are the sounds that you hear (or don't hear)? What are the smells? Where are you?

Now you have the framework to better increase your time management. It is tricky at first, but if you stick to it, you will find yourself being more productive and crushing those lists! Stop trying to get things done......make it happen!

Dominate the day!

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