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Life Rules of a Spartan!

Spartans were bad ass. Period. They were once of the most fierce warriors of their time. They could dominate anyone they would face in battle or give it their all and die trying.

We strive for greatness in ourselves every day. If you wanna be a complete bad ass, here are the Spartan Rules of Life:

Here are 15 Spartan life rules that can help you become mentally strong:

I. The greatest shame for a Spartan was to return home alive from a lost battle. So too. Do not return from a challenge, having not given everything.

II. Only consume plain food and never eat to the point of satisfaction. This will not only bring about a leanness for battle but also foster mental fortitude.

III. Seek out intense competition. You will push yourself much harder.

IV. Every Spartan should undergo a right of passage. A physical or mental trial. Once completed, you are born again, better than ever.

V. Speed, strength, and agility are less essential than stamina, grit, endurance, and courage.

VI. Accepting death will allow you to live life courageously. It unshackles the mind from the limitations of fear, bringing forth your true potential.

VII. Do not engage in gossip, only engage in conversation that will nourish and strengthen your spirit.

VIII. Fight for a good cause, use every ounce of your being to push that cause further, and do not be afraid to defend it.

IX. Surround yourself with people who are ruthlessly devoted to becoming their greatest selves.

X. A leader does not watch on safely from the rear.

XI. Continuously introduce yourself to difficult situations where you are forced to either sink or swim. A great Spartan must have the ability to quickly adapt.

XII. Partake in structured, organized and well-respected training programs, ensuring you see them through to the finish.

XIII. Refuse to be a victim of circumstance. Learn to be self-reliant and prepared for any situation.

XIV. Find ways to implement short bursts of discomfort in your daily life. This will ensure growth and prevent you from falling into sloth.

XV. Dedicate yourself to perpetual physical training, regardless of circumstance and feelings 

Get out there and dominate!


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